VGBA completes EDGE Expert training course – May 2024

After 3 effective sessions, VGBA Vietnam Green Building Academy instructors and students completed the EDGE Expert Training course. Through the course, students have accumulated a solid amount of knowledge to prepare for the EDGE Expert exam.

With the standard program provided by IFC, participants went from basic issues such as an overview of green buildings and green design, were introduced to EDGE methodology and software, and from there went into understanding details such as the roles of participating parties and the EDGE project certification process, as well as green solutions applied in EDGE. The class also has a discussion and practice section on the EDGE App, introducing typical cases so that learners can easily visualize and relate to the project.

Particularly in VGBA’s course, which is outside the scope of the standard program, we reserve 01 lesson for EDGE App practice – data entry and calculation with specific projects. Therefore, the course is not only a training program to prepare for the EDGE Expert exam but also equips students with skills and experience with software and projects for real-life work.

Some images of the course: