Research - advisory


The world has been making constant efforts in the fight against climate change, especially towards the adaptation of architecture and construction to energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reduction, applied research on low-carbon materials, and at the same time lobbying for legislation to develop systems of standards and regulations to scale up carbon emissions reduction in the construction industry.

Vietnam is no exception to this global trend.

Currently, foreign investors are interested in choosing Vietnam as a safe investment destination. This is a great opportunity but also a big challenge for our country and affects all fields of activity, especially construction. As a Green Building Consulting Company, a pioneer in the Green Building development movement in Vietnam, we understand that our country still needs more dedicated resources for Green Building to flourish. The VGBA Academy has further set itself a mission to accompany our partners, customers, ministries and agencies to actively research and solve urgent issues related to sustainable construction.

VGBA’s research activities include:

– Scientific field

– Feasibility study (Green building, Energy efficient building,…)

– Market field (Green building, materials, equipments, etc.) environment-friendly, energy-efficient,…)

– Develop and transfer new environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient technologies,…

– Build and develop BIM & BEM software

Newest research