Who are we?

Vietnam Green Building Academy (referred to as VGBA) was established with the orientation to become a center for training, research and consulting on the application of new and environmentally friendly solutions and technologies in the field of architecture and construction with the goal of sustainable urban development in the future.
VGBA‘s main tasks are research, training and technology transfer cooperation in the field of sustainable design and construction. Our training activities are geared towards hands-on projects and applying the latest research and techniques in the construction industry.
VGBA targets customers are: designers, architects, energy engineers, construction engineers, university students, individuals and organizations who wish to improve their building simulation skills, project evaluation and grasp the trends of sustainable construction development, efficient use of energy, health protection and towards a happy community life.


Vietnam Green Building Academy was developed on the basis of green building training and consulting activities of VILANDCO. Established in 2007, Vilandco has always been a pioneer in activities to promote awareness of green building in Vietnam. We have spent 14 years operating in the field of training and apply simulation in green building assessment in Vietnam. After meeting all the necessary requirements, in September 2021, Viet Nam Green Building Academy was officially established. VGBA inherits and carries the mission of developing intensive training, research and practice in the new phase – the digital transformation phase in sustainable construction activities towards a carbon-free city.

“VGBA’s operating principle is sustainable development & construction based on human resources with in-depth academic and applied research”