New Tutorials And Webinar: Using Natural Ventilation To Maximise Building Performance

We are pleased to announce the release of our next series of tutorials on natural ventilation modelling in DesignBuilder. These short tutorials will provide you with concise guidance on how to configure a DesignBuilder EnergyPlus model for scheduled and calculated natural ventilation and mixed-mode systems, then set up simulations and analyse results.

These tutorials cover several essential areas of DesignBuilder modelling. If you have never received DesignBuilder training or were trained using earlier versions of the software, we would strongly recommend that you view these short high-impact tutorials.  They will also enable existing users to refresh their knowledge with the latest tools, techniques, and tips to help improve your modelling efficiency. The tutorials are freely accessible from our Tutorials Webpage. If you don’t already have a DesignBuilder login, you can register for free there.

We are also organising a webinar on the 28th of September where we will show you how you can model naturally ventilated buildings using DesignBuilder. During the webinar, we will discuss key points covered in the tutorials including:

  • Developing an early-stage conceptual model into a detailed natural ventilation model
  • Detailed wind and buoyancy-pressure driven modelling for natural ventilation
  • Assessing summer overheating risk in naturally ventilated buildings
  • Importing airflow rates from EnergyPlus simulations to define CFD boundary conditions
  • Modelling mixed mode ventilation systems.

Join us live on the 28th of September, where our experts will also be available to answer your questions on natural ventilation modelling in DesignBuilder. You can register to either attend the live webinar or to receive a recording of the webinar here.